4 Reasons Why You Need a Whelen Lightbar For Your Emergency Service Vehicle

Vehicle emergency lighting has been around for almost 100 years and is still evolving to better protect and enhance first responders rescue and life-saving efforts. As light has been found to be more effective than sound, lightbars has stayed one of the most popular styles for emergency and even off-roading vehicles because of their versatility and visibility. 

Thanks to technology there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes your lighting needs, but how do you know which one is best for your vehicle? Here are four reasons why a Whelen LED Lightbar is a necessity for your Emergency Vehicle. 

Visibility: Emergency service vehicles go through a widespread of ground year-round and they need to quickly make themselves recognizable in every weather condition possible. This requires superior visibility, and reliability, which is what Whelen embodiesHaving a powerful light that can penetrate at every angle, can notify oncoming traffic from a further distance faster than others.  

Whelen Legacy LED Lightbar  

(Whelen Legacy Lightbar) 

Quality/Value: Safety is a key feature. If you are taking the time and money to invest into your vehicle, you want to make sure you are getting the best quality and that overtime, won’t diminishLED already has several advantages over traditional lighting. Combine that with Whelen’s trusted and progressive technology and you are presented with lightbar that has long life span and efficient light production. 

Options: It’s important to take into consideration what your customers are demanding and that is why Whelen has developed over two dozen lightbars and the lightbar mini, which gives you options in size, colorshape, number of rows and much more.  

Color: Another feature to call attention to is the type of colors that are offered for the lightbar. There are very different wants and needs between a Ford Police Interceptor Utility and a Fire Chief’s Chevy TahoeWhelen offers lightheads in a variety of colors with flash patterns that are configurable through an external ECM and PC software. 

Whelen Justice LED Lightbar 

(Whelen Justice Lightbar) 

Which Whelen lightbar is right for you?  

One of our most commonly sold lightbars has been the Whelen Liberty Lightbar series offered in Solo or Duo series 48 and 54. Whelen has been in the industry long enough to understand exactly what works best for emergency vehicles and Liberty’s reputation holds truth to that. Liberty and the rest of Whelen’s lightbar collections are high quality and during hazardous circumstances can make the difference between life and death. Liberty offers advanced thermal design that cools down LEDs with an extended dwell time and dependability in all weather conditions, all while reducing damage from salt, road chemicals and direct sunlight 

Whelen Liberty LED Lightbar 

(Whelen Liberty Lightbar)

Customizable Lightbar Builder  

Recently, the team here at Wholesale Public Safety introduced a customizable lightbar builder that allows customers the creative freedom to visually put together their own lightbar. It has it made it much more efficient for buyers to order what is desired for their first respondersLess time is wasted on back and forth phone calls and emails, and more time to explore and craft your lightbar. 

First responders have taken their time and energy to serve their communities, they need the best option possible for themselves and their vehicles. Click here to learn more and try out our Custom Lightbar Builder!  


*We understand the significance of our customers having the best online experience. That is why we are constantly listening to develop ways to improve your experience with us. Of course, we are always here to answer any questions! 

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