Commercial Vehicle Camera Systems


Ecco Safety Group

A car camera system is a must-have for any emergency fleet vehicle because it provides video backup of a situation. In today’s world where interactions can quickly unravel or be taken out of context by the public, having video proof of what transpired is essential for law enforcement and other emergency responders. At Wholesale Public Safety, we have the right commercial vehicle camera system for your fleet of emergency response vehicles, and we have them at competitive pricing. 

Our car camera systems are compatible with any make and model vehicle and come from some of the biggest names in the industry. They’re durable, reliable, and ideal for any type of first response emergency or law enforcement vehicle.

Find the Right Commercial Vehicle Camera System for Your Fleet of Vehicles 

Wholesale Public Safety has car camera systems that are not only easy to install, but that can also be expanded to incorporate up to two cameras. With cameras that can produce high-resolution full-color images as well as low-light infrared, and with built-in sunscreens for preventing sun glare, your first responders will always be visible when within the camera’s field of vision. Simply put, you just can’t put a price of the value that comes from having video backup.

Shop our selection of commercial vehicle camera systems today and get the best brands at prices designed to fit your budget. With our selection, prices, and customer service, you’ll find out why so many in the first response field trust Wholesale Public Safety for all their emergency vehicle gear.