Shipping Information

WPS Shipping 101

  • Wholesale Public Safety uses UPS to ship to most addresses in the continental US from our multiple warehouse locations throughout the United States. 
  • Pre-Assembled, In-Stock Products Orders placed 3pm EST Monday thru Friday will ship out same day as ordered. Orders on these products placed after the 3pm cut-off will ship next business day.

  • Built-to Order Products:  Most Rockland Custom Products require drawing approval and are built to order. Therefore, they will not ship until after they are built and quality checked. 
  • Freight Info: Larger products like some Push Bumpers, Partitions, Rockland Cabinets, and Prisoner Transport products may require freight shipping. If this is the case, shipping time-frames might vary slightly. Freight orders need to be placed by 11am EST to qualify for same day shipping. All orders placed after that time will ship next business day. 

  • WPS cares about the environment and aims to do our part to reduce packaging waste in the United States by re-using boxes and other packing materials whenever possible. Scroll down to read more!


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Lightbar Packages and Rockland Products have longer lead times. 

Although we stock the parts, we build every product to order and inspect to our highest quality standards before shipping to you. 

Please call if you have questions on your specific order!


Products will be shipped from our warehouses according to normal shipping timelines, but please be advised that customs may delay items for several days, which is out of our control. 

Shipping Rates

Rates will vary according to the weight, dimensions, and handling requirements of each product.  


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Why Waste A Good Shipping Box?

We receive almost as many shipments in our warehouses as we ship out, and rather than break those boxes down, put them in the cardboard dumpster, have a recycling truck come pick it up, to then have to use energy to be broken down and made into new materials so that it could have its second life... why not give that box a new life right away?!


Help Us Reduce Waste

We are proud to do our part to cut down on packaging waste! Containers and packaging make up a major portion of municipal solid waste according to the EPA, amounting to 80.1 million tons of generation in 2017 (per last documentation.) You can read more on the EPA website here.


Our Packing Tape

We wear our passion for re-using shipping boxes and other packing materials right on our packing tape! Join the movement and re-use shipping and packing materials whenever possible! For more information, contact us.