Wholesale Public Safety carries the top brands that our Dealers need to serve the needs of their customers. We work directly with our Dealers on an ongoing basis to grow and improve our product portfolio so that they can further enhance and grow their respective businesses. If there's something that you don't see, let us know! 

WPS tocked Brands

What's the best thing about our website? If you see it here, you know we stock it! We carry the products our WPS Dealers request most from the below brands. If there is a product you don't see, we can still order it for you. If it's a product you know you order a lot, tell us! We will work on getting it on the warehouse shelves in the future. Click on any of the links below to see what's on our shelves right now!

How To Order Stocked Products: WPS Dealers can login to their website account, add any product on the website to their cart, and checkout. It's that easy!

Need help with your account? Contact us!

Special Order Brands

Even if we don't stock it, WPS gives you access to great pricing on great products from the amazing brands below! We are currently expanding our warehouses and will be adding products from the brands below to our stock portfolio soon, so keep checking back for updates! 

How To Order Special Order Products: WPS Dealers can send an email to Sales@wholesalepublicsafety.com to place orders for products not stocked on the website.