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  • 12" top mount LED map light with high-durability flexible gooseneck
  • High-quality, highly efficient, cool-running LED map light
  • Two high-output lumileds® luxeon 3W LEDs - one for red light and one for white light
  • Electronically-regulated light output for maximum efficiency and expected life at least 30,000 hours
  • On/off/on switch (on red / off / on white)
  • Uniform wide-area light output with near-zero glare and no wasted light
  • Clear lens to protect the LEDs
  • More than 3X light output compared to halogen models with a 40% reduction in current draw
  • Extra-large 1-1/8" diameter by 2-1/2" long finned aluminum heatsink to provide effective cooling of the LEDs
  • Mounts with two #6-32 tapped holes spaced 1-23/32" apart, with a 1/2" wire exit located 5/8" from and in-line with the mounting holes.
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