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EZ STORE US Series : SECURE Chevy Silverado 2020+

The EZ STORE SECURE under seat cabinets are designed to fit perfectly under the back seat of your pick-up truck. Each cabinet has been created to securely attach to your truck, ensuring the cabinet and cargo inside does not move. The Secure cabinet has one compartment with 2 overlapping doors, allowing you access to the contents by lifting only one side of the back row seat. You can also lift both sides of the back row, allowing you to gain access by lifting both doors at once.

Cabinet Contains: 
  • Small door cannot open unless larger door is open
  • Includes easy access handles
  • Cabinet fits under the seat dimensions, front of cabinet is higher than the back of the cabinet
  • Comes with Simplex Lock
  • 2020 - Present Chevy Silverado
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