Rockland Patented Gear Clear Venting System + Command Cabinet, GC-5

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Patented Gear Clear Venting System + Command Cabinet

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Gear Clear Venting Systems is Rockland's Patented Solution to protecting firefighters from the harmful effects of the toxins and carcinogens emitted from their soiled turnout gear. This is a complete command cabinet that includes Gear Clear. 

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GC-5 Features:

  • Gear Clear Venting System Chamber - (U.S. Pat. No. 9968807)
    • Carcinogens & Toxins are vented outside of the vehicle
    • Pulls and Circulates fresh cabin air in
    • Sealed compartment prevents gear contaminants from entering vehicle
    • Shields gear from direct sunlight and keeps gear dry and well-ventilated
    • Sealed compression latch
    • Built to Comply with NFPA 1851
  • Parts Drawer
  • Open Storage Space
  • Slide-out Command Board

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