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  • Surface-mounted with ONLY 2 screws! 
  • Super-LEDs for incredible performance while maintaining a low level of power consumption 
  • Unique lens shape with patented Linear-LED® designed reflector assembly for a truly flawless illumination 
  • Easy-to-access components that can be replaced w/o extra efforts 
  • Updated design for additional resistance to corrosion, moisture, dust and physical damage 
  • Multiple Scan-Lock flash patters with several settings and flashing modes 
  • Meets KKK 1822F, NFPA 1901, SAE, EC65 and California Title XIII 
  • Operating modes: brake/tail/turn, back-up, scenelight or turnlight 
  • LEDs available in single or split colors 
  • Black/chrome flange available for purchase (optional) 
  • 2.25 amps peak, 0.9 amps average @ 12.8 VDC in "solid" mode 
  • Size: 6-3/4" L X 4-5/16" H, protrudes 1-3/8" 
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