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  • Low profile tilt swivel motion device
  • 1.38" overall height
  • 45° vertical tilt movement
  • Depending on the device it is mounted to, it can provide 360°, 180° or 90° degree horizontal rotation
  • Used to mount Havis laptop docking stations, ut  Series and C-KBM Series to telescoping computer base (TCB), HDM Series or some Havis consoles
  • Includes the following industry standard hole patterns: VESA 75 and AMPS
  • Includes the following Havis hole patterns: 3" hole laptop docking station, UT-1000 Series, UT-2000 Series, C-KBM-100 Series and 2 x 1" rectangular patterns
  • Cost-efficient product with motion versatility
  • Easy-adjust and quick-release handle also locks down the position of the device
  • Includes short locking handle
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