Whelen Arges® 5 Degree Spotlight, Universal Package- W-ARG5-UNIV

by Whelen
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WPS Exclusive! Whelen Arges® 5 Degree Spotlight, Universal Package

Arges is Whelen's new remote spotlight designed with officer safety in mind. Arges features revolutionary control, with 360° of continuous rotation and a 180° tilt range. Designed from the ground up and packed with Whelen's most innovative technology, Arges will make you rethink what a remote spotlight is capable of.

Arges works seamlessly with CenCom Core, Whelen's newest control system created to enhance officer safety with advanced automation.

This Package is a Universal Mount package. It includes everything your customers need for installation to any flat surface and use on the job:

  • ARGES1- 5 Degree Spotlight with Proclera® Silicone Optic
  • ARGCH1-Control Head with Bail Bracket 
  • ARGFM- Flat Mount, Universal

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